drums for you

Looking to hire a drum kit for an event? Or maybe you'd like to try a kit in the luxury of your own home before you decide to buy your own? Dorset Drumming Solutions can provide you with quality equipment to cater to your needs. 

"I don't have the space"

"It's too noisy"

"What would the neighbours think?"

"Drum kits are too expensive"

Every drum teacher hears these phrases when trying to offer their services to new prospective clients. All of which unfortunately lead to people never getting the opportunity to learn a new instrument. 

Here at Dorset Drumming Solutions we offer you the chance to hire an acoustic or an electric drum kit before buying your own to ensure whether the drums are the right instrument for you. 

We also supply drum kits for events, music festivals and schools.

Dorset Drumming Solutions service Dorset, Devon, Somerset and Hampshire.