"To be able to provide a child with all the necessary equipment to learn an exciting new skill which they previously may have thought would be impossible, is very exciting for me. It keeps the music alive!"

Barney Stevens


About Us

The vision of Dorset Drumming Solutions

Dorset Drumming Solutions is an idea conceived by Drummer Barney Stevens. After graduating from Bournemouth University with a BA(Hons) Degree in Music Design in 2004, Barney went on to teach in various schools in West Dorset as well as continually touring all over the UK with his various projects. During this time, he encountered many "House" drum kits in venues and at festivals that either had bits missing or were broken, some even with broken drum heads. Something that was also prominent in schools. All the while, other instruments seemed to have the upper hand by being constantly replaced or repaired. 

This led him to be frustrated at the thought that schools and venues took less care and thought in the provision of an instrument that he loves. "You wouldn't turn up to a violin lesson with a broken bow or a guitar lesson with 5 strings and yet a cracked cymbal or broken drum head is OK?"

Learning the drums is a costly and daunting prospect that puts many parents off. Lack of space, volume of the instrument and initial costs are all reasons why parents decide that their children won't learn the instrument. By providing a service that lets you hire an acoustic or an electric kit, Dorset Drumming Solutions Ltd challenges each of those concerns and makes the possibility of learning the drums an easily attainable option. 

We have successfully supplied equipment to many students over the years as well as schools that are short on space and unable to house equipment themselves. In 2006, we were approached by various music festivals to provide drum kits throughout Dorset and continue to do so.